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Dragon Ball Z iPhone Case Bardock Anger

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Join intergalactic warrior Bardock on his quest for revenge! Protect your phone in style with this Dragon Ball Z Bardock phone case

Bardock is a Saiyan warrior who lived during the era of the Saiyan-Tuffle war. He was a low-class warrior and a member of the Saiyan Army under the leadership of Frieza. Bardock was known for his bravery, determination, and his fighting spirit.

Bardock's life was not an easy one. He was born and raised on Planet Vegeta, a harsh and unforgiving world ruled by the ruthless Frieza. Bardock spent most of his life fighting in Frieza's army, conquering planets and wiping out entire civilizations. He was a skilled fighter, but he had little respect for his opponents and no qualms about taking lives.

Bardock's life took a dramatic turn when he received a vision of the future from a dying psychic named Tora. In the vision, Bardock saw that Frieza would destroy the Saiyan race and their planet. He attempted to warn his fellow Saiyans, but they did not believe him. Bardock's only hope was to confront Frieza himself and try to stop him.

Bardock's fight against Frieza was a brutal one. He and his crew of five Saiyan warriors attempted to attack Frieza's ship, but they were no match for Frieza's elite forces. Bardock was severely injured in the battle, but he managed to use his last bit of strength to launch a counterattack on Frieza.

Bardock's anger and determination fueled him during the battle. He refused to give up even when he was outnumbered and outmatched. In a moment of desperation, Bardock launched a final attack on Frieza, but it was too late. Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta and killed all of the Saiyans, including Bardock.

Bardock's legacy lived on, however. His son, Kakarot (later known as Goku), was sent to Earth as an infant and grew up to become one of the greatest warriors in the universe. Bardock's spirit was also seen in the afterlife, where he fought alongside his fellow fallen Saiyans against Frieza's forces.

In conclusion, Bardock's life was one of tragedy and heroism. He was a fierce warrior who fought to protect his people, but ultimately, he was unable to prevent their destruction. Bardock's anger and determination in the face of overwhelming odds continue to inspire Dragon Ball Z fans to this day.

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