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5 products


Find and buy your action figure of the Fairy Tail universe exclusively and at the best price on our site. All our products are faithfully adapted from the anime and are perfect for a gift or complete a collection.

What is a Fairy Tail Figures ?

It's a small toy often made of PVC or resin allowing the big anime fans to dive easily in the universe of the anime from the land of the rising sun and to be able to admire his favorite characters in the smallest details. Manga figures are not reserved to a particular category of people or age. They are collected for various reasons. For high-level collectors, the figures serve as a source of inspiration to create a new story. Others buy them in large quantities to display in a window or in their original boxes as decorative gems. Older people are also concerned by the collection of manga figures. For them, accumulating these small characters in statuette is a way to cultivate the memory.

History of Fairy Tail manga:

Fairy Tail is a shōnen manga written and drawn by Hiro Mashima. It was prepublished in the weekly Weekly Shōnen Magazine of the publisher Kōdansha between August 2, 2006 and July 26, 2017 in Japan. In France, the manga was published in full by Pika Edition between September 10, 2008 and June 27, 2018.

The manga will be a huge success, the manga has been adapted into an anime series with 328 episodes broadcast from October 2009 to September 2019, nine OVAs and two animated films released by the studios A-1 Pictures, Satelight, Bridge and CloverWorks in Japan.

It tells the adventures of an official guild named Fairy Tail, the most powerful in the Kingdom of Fiore. This story is discovered through the main characters: Natsu Dragnir and his companion Happy, and Lucy.


In the Kingdom of Fiore, there are men and women among the common people who manipulate magic: they are called mages. In order to control them better, guilds (places where mages meet and do work in order to earn jewels (Fiore's currency)) have been created and put under the responsibility of the council of mages (through the guild masters).

Besides the need to control mages, this network has other uses. Indeed, it allows to provide a large choice of mages to the customer, and many missions to the mages through classified ads.

Among the numerous guilds, one of them is particularly talked about, whether it is by the acts carried out by its members, but also and especially for the material damage caused by the latter at each mission they carry out. It is Fairy Tail.


The story focuses mainly on the missions carried out by one of the Fairy Tail teams, composed of Natsu Dragnir (fire dragon hunter), Lucy Heartfilia (constellationist) and Happy (a blue Exceed cat that can grow wings, fly and talk), who will soon be joined by Erza Scarlett (mage knight) and Grey Fullbuster (mage and ice demon hunter), two other members of the famous guild. They are joined in the course of the adventure by Carla (a white cat Exceed like Happy) and Wendy (Celestial Dragon Hunter).

You'll find Fairy tail figures of Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Grey and all your other favorite characters.

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