One Piece iPhone Case Mugiwara Jolly Roger

One Piece iPhone Case Mugiwara Jolly Roger

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Do you want to join the Mugiwara crew? Now you can, prove your loyalty to Luffy with this One Piece iPhone Case Mugiwara Jolly Roger and sail under his flag

The Jolly Roger of the Mugiwara Pirates, also known as the Straw Hat Pirates, is a well-known symbol in the One Piece series. It features a skull with a straw hat on top and two crossbones behind it, all of which are colored in black. The skull has a distinctive grin that is characteristic of the Straw Hat Pirates' captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

The Jolly Roger represents the Mugiwara Pirates' identity and is proudly displayed on their ship, the Thousand Sunny, as well as on their clothing and personal belongings. The symbol has become a sign of friendship and loyalty among the Straw Hat crew, as well as a symbol of defiance against the World Government and other powerful forces that seek to control or destroy them.

The Jolly Roger has undergone several changes throughout the series, reflecting the growth and evolution of the Mugiwara Pirates. However, the basic design of the skull and crossbones with the straw hat has remained a constant and recognizable symbol of the crew.

High quality case that prevents your phone from shocks and scratches. 

  • iPhone case
  • Shockproof Case
  • Easy to Clean
  • Material: Silicone
  • Available for all models